Auth Column

The Auth column is a way to track who has completed the Online Consent Form (available only for Bundle 2 subscriptions and higher).

 Red X 

  • If you see a Red X under the Auth column, this means that the applicant has not yet completed the Online Consent Form, if one was sent out to them. 
  • If an Online Form was not sent to them, and you have a paper consent form, you will need to continue with the ordering process

Green Checkmark

  • If you see a green checkmark under the Auth Column, this means that the applicant has completed the Online Consent Form
  • This does not mean that the background check is ordered automatically. You will still need to log back into the account to order the background check, after the applicants give consent. 


  • If you run into any applicants that do not have a green checkmark or a red X, or a green checkmark, the Auth column was a feature on 01/01/2016. Any applicants in the system older than that date will not have anything under this column


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