Customizing the Online Consent Form

You are able to change the background and text colors, or add a logo or banner on the top of the form

  • Go into the Settings tab in the left-hand menu
  • Click on "Customization" 


  • You will be taken to the Portal Setup


    With your current subscription (Bundle 2), you are only allowed to add a Logo Image or a Banner Image and change the colors on the Online Form. The Introduction and HomePage URL are only available for Bundle 4 subscriptions 

Logo or Banner

You are only able to upload a logo on the Online Consent Form or a banner on the Online Consent Form. You will not be able to choose both

  • Logo Image - The suggested Logo size is 300 x 300 pixels


  • Banner Image - The suggested Banner size is 720x 150


Style Sheet or Color Picker

Along with a logo or banner, you are able to choose between the Style Sheet or the Color Picker options

  • Style Sheet-This refers to the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), used to edit the look and formatting of the application webpage.
    • Click the "Download Original CSS" link to download the original CSS. Make your changes, save to your computer, and click on the Choose File button to upload your new CSS. 

  • Color Picker -  You're able to change the background color, table color, and text color 
    • Default colors:


    • If you click on the colored squares to the right, you will be able to choose your colors


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