Can a background check be completed without an SSN?

Although an SSN is not required to conduct most criminal searches, an incomplete or inaccurate SSN can "weaken" the overall search capabilities, so it is highly recommended.

We use the SSN to pull address history and alias names on a National Level to assist in verification for any possible records that could come back on the report under the applicant's full name and date of birth.

If an SSN is not provided, we will most likely reach out to you for additional information, which could include the applicant's full SSN anyway. 

Continuing without the SSN

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with providing their SSN

Providing the SSN or continuing the background check without the SSN is up to the discretion of the organization. If the applicant is hesitant about providing the SSN, they may enter in all "1"s in the SSN field, as it is still a required field to be able to order background checks.

Please know that we may still reach out for the full Social if we need to verify, or that the background check could still be incomplete without the Address History or Alias Name that is given from the SSN.

International Applicant

If the applicant has lived out of country and does not have an SSN, we do offer international background checks that have a different process then the US background checks. Reach out to our Support Team at 877-319-5587 or

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