How do I get a copy of my invoice?

If you are logged into the Protect Youth Sports site (Averity), you are able to view your account's invoices. 



  • Click on the blue man icon in the upper right-hand corner


  • Click on the Invoice History 
    • If this option is not active, you do not have the permission to view the Invoice History


  • Invoice Number - If you happening to have an Invoice Number on you, you are able to enter it in and click on the Submit button to bring up that individual invoice
  • Invoice Date - If you're looking for invoices within certain dates, you are able to enter in the dates in the "Invoice Date From" and the "Invoice Date To" fields and click on the Submit button to bring up the invoices within those dates
  • Invoice Range - This dropdown will give you the choices to view all invoices within the last 3 months, the last 6 months, the last 12 months, or for all time

If you are looking for invoices for the subscription fee, these do not get sent out like the invoices for the background checks. You will want to contact our Billing Department to have a copy of the subscription invoice sent to you. You can contact our Billing Department by either calling 877-319-5587, and ask for our Billing Department, or email them at

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