Custom Questions

Custom Questions 

Available to Bundles 3 and 4

Custom questions are questions you create for your applicants to answer during the online application process. Whether you build a form for collecting the disclosure and authorization for the process of ordering a background check or are building a form not associated with ordering a background check, you can add custom questions (only Bundle 4 can create multiple forms).

When you send out the Online Consent Form link to your applicants, they will enter their personal information, answer your application questions, and give their consent to the background check, if required.


Set Up

Step 1: Click on the Settings icon 

Settings with MB color.png


Step 2: Select the Forms menu

*Creating additional forms is only available with Bundle 4*

Forms and custom questions MB colors.png


Step 3: Click the "View Custom Questions" link.


Step 4: Create Question & Select Question Type

Stock Questions - Only available with the Bundle 4 subscription

Question (1) - You are able to type out your question here. There is a 2500 character limit

Type (2) -  Select the type of question you are asking. Descriptions below.


Custom questions.png

Question Type Descriptions:

    • Yes/No- The applicant will be able to select "Yes" or "No" to answer the question. 

    • Dropdown- The applicant will be able to choose the answer from a dropdown menu. You will be able to enter the different dropdown choices in the "Options" field.

    • Short Answer- The applicant will be able to type out their answer in a small box. Max character limit is 255

    • Long Answer - The applicant will be able to type out their answer is a bigger box. Max character limit is 2048 

    • Instruction Only - This will display text only. The applicant will not be expected to provide an answer. 

    • Multi-Selection - The applicant will be able to choose more than one answer. You will be able to enter the different choices in the "Options" field.

  • Options- If you chose to have your question type as Dropdown or Multi-Selection, you will need to enter in your choices in this box, with commas and a space in between them. 
    • Note: If you chose the question type as Dropdown, the first choice that you enter in will always be unselectable You must enter in a "Select One" or "Choose One" before your choices, followed by a comma and space. 
    • Example: Select One, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow

  •  Place Before- When you have more questions, you are able to organize them in a certain order by placing the current question you're on in front of another question.

  •  Required - By checking this box, you will make this question required to answer. The applicant cannot move on to the next page unless the question has been answered.

  •  Hidden - There is no way to delete questions. If you no longer need a question on your Form, you are able to check this box to remove the custom question from the form.
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