Consent Form Email Template


The link to the online consent form can be emailed to your applicant. You can customize this email or use our default template.


Step 1: Click the Settings icon in the top right.

Settings with MB color.png


Step 2: Select the Consent Form Email Settings menu.

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 6.44.55 AM.png


Step 3: Edit the Consent Form Email 

Consent Form Email Settings MB Colors.png

  • Edit the email body and subject line as needed.
  • You can edit the email 'from' line, but you will need to create an SPF record to allow us to send email using your domain. We cannot assist you with this process.
    • Warning - Your emails will have a higher risk of being marked as spam or blocked by the applicant's email provider.
  • If you do change the from email address, it MUST use your organization's domain. Gmail, Yahoo emails etc. cannot be used to send the email. 
    • Note: Do not delete the brackets or the content within the brackets in the email body. These will get replaced with the unique applicant consent form link, the applicant's name, and your organization name. Do not delete these or replace them.
    • Do not replace the "[InvitationLink]" with the public opportunities link. This will cause duplicate entries in your Pipeline. The link sent to each applicant is unique for that applicant and will be disabled after it is used.


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