Consent Form Email Template

When you send out the links individually, an email is sent to your applicant with the link. You are able to customize the email template that's sent out

  • Click on the Settings tab in your left-hand menu
  • Click on the Consent Form Email Settings


  • This will take you to the Consent From Email Settings where you can edit the email body and subject line
    • Note: We just ask to not delete anything in the brackets in the email body. These will automatically populate as the link, the applicant's name, and your organization name. Do not delete these or replace them
      • Do not replace the "[InvitationLink]" with the opportunities link. This will cause duplicate entries in your Pipeline and will give the applicant reminder emails to finish the link for the next 3 days
    • You are able to edit the email from line, but we've found that different email addresses are easier to be marked as spam or blocked by the applicant's email providers
      • If you do change the email from, it MUST be a real email address. Fake email addresses will not be able to send the email


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