Creating a Department

You can use Departments if you need to organize your background checks by groups, if you have another building or department that you need to separate the background checks by, or if you need certain users to view certain background checks only

Create a new Department

  • Click on the Settings tab in the lefthand menu
  • Click on the "Departments" option under the Settings tab


  • There will be a blue "New" link all the way to the right side of your screen


  • Name - The name of your Department
    • There is a character limit of 256
  • Place Before - Departments will appear in the default order in which they were created. To re-order the Departments, use the "Place Before" drop-down menu
  • Hidden - You are not able to delete any Departments. If you no longer need a Department, check this checkbox. It will no longer show up through the Opportunities link

Once you have created a Department, you must have at least one Position

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