Creating a Position

When you have a Department created, you must have at least one Position to go with it. The Position can be the actual Position of the job (For example, if the Department is Children's Ministry, the Position would be Volunteer or Janitor). The Position is a subcategory of the Department


Create a Position

  • Click on the Settings tab in the lefthand menu
  • Click on the "Positions" option under the Settings tab



  • Name - The name of the Position 255 character limit

  • Description - Description that explains the details of this Position. This Description will only appear when your applicants go through the Opportunites link


  • Department - The Department that this Position is assigned to

  • Form - The Form that is assigned to this Position

  • Requirements/ Other Requirements - Check the Requirements and Other Requirements for the Position
    • These requirements will NOT automatically order a background check. They are simply designed as a reminder during the process of moving the applicants through the Pipeline.
  • Add'l Requirements -  These will be any other requirements that are not listed as checkboxes. 

  • Notify Emails - If you wish to have multiple email addresses be notified when an application is received for a particular position
    • When you enter in an email address followed by a comma or semi-colon

  • Place Before - Positions will appear in the default order in which they were created. To re-order the positions, use the "Place Before" drop-down menu

  • Show Returning applicant button - Your applicants will have the option to provide you with the contact information and a brief message if they've already completed the form. This will create a Web Inquiry
    • This will only appear if your applicant goes through the Opportunities link



  • Show More Inform button - Your applicants will have the option to provide you with the contact information and a brief message or question for you to reach out to them. This will create a web inquiry.
    • This will only be available if your applicants are going through the Opportunities link



  • Hidden? - There is not a way to delete a Position. If you no longer need a Position to be listed through the Opportunites Link, check the Hidden checkbox
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