How do I update my organization name or contact info?

There are two ways to update your organization information. You can update through our Organizational Details Form or by emailing our Client Support Team.

Organizational Details Form

  • In the upper right-hand side of your account, click on your user initials and select the "My Org" menu.

  • Click on the Organization Details

  • Click the Edit button to open the Organization Details Form.
    • If you have a popup blocker on, the form will not open.
    • If the Edit Details button is inactive, you may not have the user permission to access this. You may need to contact the admin of the account to give you permission. If you are updating the admin of the account, you may need to email our Support Team.


  • Address - This will change the address that we have in the system.
  • Admin Contact - This will be the main admin and main point of contact for the account. Any system notifications or requested information will be sent to the main admin.
    • You can have multiple users on the account with admin permissions, but there can only be one main admin and point of contact.
  • Billing Contact - This will be the person who receives the invoices and receipts.
  • Credit Card - You are able to update your credit card information or e-check information through this form.
  • Organization Name - The name of the organization that we have in the system.

Email Support

If you are not able to pull up the Organization Details Form, you can email our support team at

  • Include your organization name and the information you need updated.
    • We require the form or written notice of account changes.
    • The email request will need to be an email address that is associated with the organization. Either the email address will need to be on the account, or the domain name of the email must match the organization.
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