Standard Account Features

In addition to being able to order background checks, there are a few other features inside your account that all account types will have access to.

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If you happen to have a spreadsheet of the people that need background checks, as well as the required information, you can upload the spreadsheet for us to do a bulk order.

Set up the import

  •  Click on the "Imports" tab in the left-hand menu
  • Click on "Upload" under the Imports tab

  • You can click on the "View Sample" link to see an example on how to set up your spreadsheet


  • Click on the "Download Template" link for our spreadsheet and enter in the applicants' information under the appropriate columns
    • The applicant's first name, last name, date of birth, SSN, email address, state, and the type of background check is absolutely required
    • Make sure to enter the type of background check you would like to order for all of the applicants. If you need the Plus package, please specify the State or the County and State that you want. 
    • If you have different packages that you need to be ordered, please create a separate spreadsheet 
    • You must have at least 30 or more applicants on the spreadsheet for us to be able to imports
  • Once the spreadsheet is completed, upload the spreadsheet through the by clicking on the "Upload" button and choose the spreadsheet file from your computer
    • This will notify us and we will import the file through our system 

View or remove uploaded files:

  • Click on the Imports tab in the left-hand menu
  • Click on "Files" under the Imports tab


  • To remove a file, there is a delete link to the right side of the screen to remove files
    • It will give you a warning pop up before removing the file from your account


  • To view the spreadsheet file, click on the file name



Export Reports

If you need a spreadsheet of all of your applicants, including inactive and archived applicants, you can export everyone inside your account through this feature

  • Click on the Reports tab in your left-hand menu
  • Click on "Export Reports"



You are able to set up parameters through the following fields:


If you leave the fields on "All" or blank, the report will pull everything in your account

  • Opportunities - Only available with the Bundle 4 subscription. You can export reports from a specific Position. You cannot select more than one Position
  • Departments - Only available with the Bundle 4 subscription. You can export reports from a specific Department. You cannot select more than one Department
  • Billing Reference - Available for all accounts. 
  • Stages - Only available with the Bundle 3 and 4 subscriptions. You can export reports from a specific Stage. You cannot select more than one Stage
  • Status - Available for all accounts. Export applicants that are marked as Active or Inactive inside your account
  • Alert - Export applicants that have an Alert or do not have an Alert on their background check.
  • Applicant Creation Date Range - You are able to set a Date Range of the background checks you need.
    • Note: This is not Background Check complete Date Range. If you are a Bundle 2 subscription or higher, this is the date of the creation of the applicant inside your Pipeline. 
  • Export Stock Questions? - Only available with the Bundle 3 and 4 subscriptions. Check this checkbox to export the PMM Stock Questions and any answers from the applicants.
    • Note: This is not the Custom Stock Questions that Bundle 4 subscriptions can make. 
  • Export Custom Questions? - Only available with the Bundle 3 and 4 subscriptions. Check this checkbox to export your Custom Questions and the applicants' answers
  • Export Previous Addresses? - Available for Bundle 2 and higher. Check this checkbox to get Previous Addresses that applicants enter in on the Online Consent

Billing References

Billing References are primarily used to group up your applicants on the next invoice under a label. For example, if you have multiple departments or buildings that are ordering background checks through the account, and you need to track how much that department or building has spent, using Billing References will help you see how much they have ordered and how much they will owe. 

 Set up Billing References:

  • Click on the Settings tab in the left-hand screen
  • Click on "Billing Refs" under the Settings tab


  • Click on the blue "New" link all the way to the right side of the page
  • You are able to enter anything to label your Billing Reference. There is a 150 character maximum
  • Click on the "Save" button


You are able to create an unlimited amount of Billing References! 

 Assigning Applicants to a Billing Reference:

When you order a background check on an applicant, above the background check packages, there will be a dropdown menu for your Billing References. 


**You will only be able to assign applicants to a Billing Reference while ordering a background check. Once assigned and the order has been submitted, you cannot change the Billing Reference**


Alternative use for Billing References:

You are able to organize your background checks through the Billing References

  • Inside your Background Checks tab, there is a column for "References", which are the Billing References that you've already assigned to your applicants. You are able to organize your applicants inside the account with the Billing References. 

  • You are able to export your reports by Billing Reference


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